Lambton’s Very Own

Pit Stop Bar &
Rainbow Tea Room!

Whether you fancy a natter over a Tea and cakes or a beer and a game of dominoes; Lambton House have it all.


Catch-up, Socialise
and Reminisce

Named “The Pit Stop Garden Bar“ to acknowledge our local mining heritage, the bar was opened in May 2021 shortly after the Rainbow Tea Room which opened in 2020. Designed as an old style snug bar, it offers residents the chance to relax and enjoy TV, magnetic darts, dominoes and card games. With views into our beautiful sensory garden in, the fridge is well stocked with shandy, non alcoholic drinks such as Prosecco and fruit juice offering our residents a chance to enjoy a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine subject to individual medication and risk of fall assessments.


Who are they for?

All residents are welcome to make themselves at home with our new facilities and we’ve made every effort to enable access for everyone. Visitors are also welcome with an option to contribute to our donations box to stock up on “Posh tea and biscuits“.


Where are they?

Set in Lambton’s stunning gardens and surrounded by beautiful open countryside, the building is located in the rear garden of Lambton House Care Home approximately 50 meters from the main building. It is a heated building, with toilet facilities and wheelchair access via a ramp.


What is provided?

Both offer their own atmosphere, amenities and facilities to cater for all personalities and moods. The Pit Stop offer’s a fabulous stimulating environment and social meeting place whilst The Tea Room plays soothing background music offering a chance to relax.

The Rainbow Tearoom

Aims & Benefits

We take it for granted that we can go outside when we want to, enjoying fresh air, sunlight, plants and trees – and it generally makes us feel much better relieving the stresses of everyday living. There are so many things that we can do outside – active and messy activities such as potting, planting, digging and pruning. There is satisfaction in seeing things grow, through our own efforts.

And for those who are less active – just watching and enjoying the activity of others and the daily changes of light, shade, sun and clouds, growth of plants, wildlife and so on is just as beneficial. Eating outside, reading a newspaper (the light is so much brighter outside for old eyes to see well), enjoying a cup of tea, meeting and chatting with friends and family or being on one’s own are all so very life-affirming – yet cost little or nothing.

Peace & Tranquillity

The Rainbow Tea Room gives Lambton residents a social stimulation meeting place. For most visits our care team will ensure the tea room has soothing background music playing whilst residents chat. We have many birds and wildlife visitors to our gardens. You may hear our bird friends or see rabbits, pheasants and robins enjoying our open spaces. There are often ponies grazing in the adjoining fields.

What’s On Offer

Our care team will serve a selection of tea, coffee, biscuits, home baked cakes and toasted teacakes. There is no charge to visitors although we do provide an optional donation box with proceeds going to the Lambton residents fund, enabling us to stock up on “posh tea and biscuits“ for residents and their families. The tea room is for our residents/residents family/friends use and is not open to the general public.